Transportation of the first Sewing Circle Project supplies

5500 kilos (that's 2500 pounds)  of supplies are on the way to Eabametoong First Nation, Ontario. 

Thanks to the team at Fluke Logistics, the cargo from 13 suppliers was consolidated and prepeared on 6 skids for the 1400 kilometer trip. 

First it goes by truck to Thunder Bay, then to Nakina, where it is loaded on a small cargo plane for the one hour flight to Eabametoong.  

What is inside those 6 skids, wrapped in red? Industrial cutting, pressing and sewing machines, leather, fur, thread, scissors, beads, needles, pattern-making tools, thimbles, embroidery hoops and elastics. Hundreds of metres of various fabrics to make everything from jeans, jackets, Tshirts, shirts and underwear to regalia, wigwam covers and backpacks. 

It's all part of the very first Sewing Circle Project. When it is fully installed and training is underway, it will enable the community to make their own clothing and other goods.  

The plan is to make the project a profitable Economic Development initiative, creating jobs and being a vital part of the community. 

Stay tuned for more news about this exciting project.  

Linda Lundstrom